Jessica Marie Peña
Visual Communicator

Person of Interest



Museum Exhibition
Package Design
Print Design


Person of Interest is museum exhibition at the Savannah College of Art and Design Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia dedicated to showcasing Alfred Hitchcock’s contribution to the film industry while highlighting his unique innovative style that forever changed the face of horror films. The goal of this project was to create a cohesive integrated system for a museum exhibition dedicated to the work of Hitchcock that could be carried through environmental graphics, posters, a museum brochure, and a take away item.

The museum is organized in a way that visitors can learn about the director’s history and how is films revolutionized the face of horror. Like many of his movies, the walls convey a sense of uneasiness, terror, and unique perspectives. To reflect Hitchcock’s love for food, once referenced as his second passion after film, customers may grab a box of popcorn to eat as they walk through the museum. A pamphlet describing his most famous movies also keeps visitors on their toes through its unique folding design that forces them to continue to change their perspective. Ultimately, the museum exhibition captures the essence of Alfred Hitchcock, his unique film style, and his lasting impression on the industry.