Jessica Marie Peña
Visual Communicator




Print and Layout Design

Sobremesa is a Cuban restaurant that is built upon the idea of family and tradition. Based upon our grandmother who still to this day unifies our family around her homemade traditional, Sobremesa shares a piece of our family and heritage with its customers. This project would help to build a loyal customer base, who feel like they are as our welcomed friends every time they come and enjoy a meal. 

From the realistic illustration style, photography, and type treatment, this project reflects little bits of my grandmother. Like her, the design is simple yet elegant. The goal of this project was to create a cohesive identity system that could be carried out through a menu and a cookbook system. Resulting in establishing Sobremesa as a brand that reflects Cuban heritage and stands for family evoking a sense of belonging within our customers.

Sobremesa Branding Exploration-02.jpg