Jessica Marie Peña
Visual Communicator



Based off a business plan I created in Entrepreneurship class, StylEyes is a fashion eyewear brand that is dedicated to making interchangeable frames that suit our customer’s daily moods and styles. The goal of this project was to create an integrated system that helps to build StylEyes, not only as an eyewear brand, but as a brand that embraces confidence and individuality through its identity, packaging, promotional advertisements, and a website.

Situated both online and in store in Berkeley, California, StylEyes allows customers to swap out their frames to better suit their styles and personalities. This allows them to become who they want when they want; thus, allowing them to conquer their daily lives with confidence and style. With the assistance from a copy writer, Brendan McWhirk, each different line of frame creates a quirky and relatable personality that reflects current perceptions and attitudes linked to certain frame shapes. By embodying a different type of persona through the frame, a customer can change how others view them, as well as how they perceive themselves. Overall, StylEyes is a brand that people can turn to for their eyewear needs while also fulfilling their personal confidence and insuring their authenticity.


Package Design
Web Design